Hi!  I’m Rosanna.  I love talking health and fitness, and I love helping people.  I’m excited to share with you my story and how Rhythm of Results came to be.

My love for health and fitness developed during my 15 years as an elite level swimmer, including 8 NCAA National Titles and 2 Olympic Trials.  Shortly after graduating from college, I decided to step into personal training and nutrition coaching so that I could share the love of fitness I had gained over the years.  However, after eventually ending my swimming career, the years that followed soon became very challenging times.  I was unraveling an identity that had been almost completely based on competitive swimming, but now that was no longer part of my life.  Lost in the question of “what do I want to do when I grow up,” things compounded when my father fell seriously ill.  My whole world seemed to be falling apart, and I didn’t have a frame of reference for what healthy living really looked like.  Stress took over, my habits fell apart, and my health suffered as a consequence.

This frustration led me to dig into all the different diets, fitness programs, and other habits I could find to see if anything could help, and more importantly if it would stick.  While I did discover regular supplementation (and a healthy community) through Advocare, I didn’t find a single program out there that knew how to address all the dimensions of health I needed to create in my life.  Diets seemed either impossible or ineffective.  Fitness programs would be motivating for a period of time, but my competitive nature always left me craving something more.  In either case, they were only point solutions - yet my health struggles required a more holistic approach.  I studied and experimented as much as I could, and began to incorporate these different concepts into my fitness training and nutrition coaching.  And after years of refinement, I discovered a simple truth - simplicity and identity have always been the keys to health.  Looking at my diet not as a list of foods to avoid, but as positive behaviors that lead to sustainable results.  Looking at exercise not as the number of calories burned, but as a path to improving the way I look and feel.  Looking at habits not as “annoying things I need to do” but rhythms I could create that fit with my life.  These changes in perception made all the difference, not just for me but for my clients.  Personally, I was able to shed over 25 pounds of post-athletic weight and find the peace and balance my life so desperately needed.  And the best news was it became an enjoyable process to maintain it!

This habit based approach I discovered doesn’t come in a magic pill, it takes effort and it takes time.  But the sustainable results it produces are without question.  Being healthy should be a joy, and so should the process to get there.  Achieving optimal health and fitness doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.  I’ve seen how the confidence in me and the confidence of my clients has shifted because of this approach.  We can’t stop the stresses of life, but we can develop the rhythms that sustain our health through them.  And that’s something a diet can never do.  

So if you’re ready to throw out the fad diets, toss the lie that results can be instant, and commit to your health in a way that is simple, real, and sustainable, then don’t wait another moment - you deserve to give your health the proper care it deserves.

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More about me:

  • Favorite Healthy Meal: Chimichurri Mahi Mahi with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Green beans almondine

  • Guilty Pleasure Food: Mac and Cheese!

  • Favorite Exercise: Heavy Squats

  • Least Favorite Exercise: Pullups

  • Stress Relieving Activity: Getting massages from my husband

  • Most Challenging Habit: Sometimes I’ll forget to eat when I’m overworked...

  • Hobbies: Working out, reading to increase my faith and mind, cooking with others, game nights with friends