Thankful 5- Health Resources

It has been fun for me to share with you some of my favorite tools and tricks for sustaining a healthy lifestyle.  To wrap up this month of gratitude, and especially as we head into December which without a doubt will be gone in a flash, these resources are all great support for those with a full plate of life. Regardless of your personality style, I know at least one of these will be a great support for you.  Have a read and find the one you want to put to work for you.

  1. Recipe Muse- Yummly, Kris Carr & Minimalist Baker.   Are you caught making the same 3-5 recipes week in and week out?  Then go no further than one of these three options. Yummly would be by and large my top recommendation for anyone as it allows you to search for a recipe based off ingredients, diet needs, will even create a shopping list for you.  It’s great for those venturing out into new food territory. Kris Carr & Minimalist Baker both are all about vegan recipes. Now before you close the browser in disgust hear me out. I’m not vegan, but I do really enjoy vegan recipes for this reason… to make them good they get more creative with spices and typically they include more veggie options in them. Healthier and more tasty… count me in!  I modify the recipes making them non-vegan. One thing to be aware of in these recipes though that I’m not a fan of is they will use more natural sweeteners. I don’t love them as my palate is more on the savory side, just omit them and you’ll find the recipe is still awesome Give them a try, my guess is you’ll be pleasantly surprise and maybe even find your new favorite go to recipe.

  2. Free Workout Videos- PopSugar, Can You 24, NikePro Working to workout more frequently?  Sometimes getting to the gym just isn’t in the schedule. Yet you can’t let that be an excuse. Instead, you can set up a 30-45 min workout from home thanks to Youtube and our smart phones. Best part, they are FREE.  I love having someone else telling me what to do for a workout. Yes I could do it myself with 12 years of personal training under my belt, but sometimes you just want to turn your brain off and enjoy a workout.  These 3 options are great to get started. PopSugar and NikePro require a bit of digging to find a good workout as there is almost too many options.  For PopSugar I suggest you pick a style of workout (yoga, pilates, HIIT etc), search for it on YouTube and scan the ratings and number of views. If there are 1 million views chances are the workout is pretty good, but look to the comments. Some of their trainers are very quirky which can sometimes be distracting.  The comments help you scope those ones out. NikePro is an app that is great for home or the gym if you want to stick to a time but still have some structure. It is easier to find a workout you want as they categorize them by intensity and type. Lastly, Can You 24 is a workout series by Advocare. You can find the level 1 workout series on You Tube and you can purchase their level two online. I love these workouts as they are more up tempo but max out 25-35 min so you get the most time effective workout you can from home.

  3. Thrive Market- I’ve mentioned Thrive earlier this month talking about nutrition products, but is worthy of mentioning all on its own.  Thrive market is a great online store for high quality food items. It is a membership service ($50 for the year), with this if you spend over $50 on any order you get free shipping and access to special deals on nutrition products, spices, dry foods and a lot more.  I personally purchase their spices, grains (rice & Quinoa), olive oil, nuts & seeds along with supplements like Collagen, pea protein powder, and a lot of non-toxic and high quality beauty/bath products. If you’re interested click HERE and you can scope it out and get a special 25% off coupon as a part of the Rhythm Tribe.  

  4. Caroline Leaf- 21 Day Brain Detox.  If you battle with a lot of negative thoughts, anxiety, depression, fear, guilt and shame, I highly recommend checking out Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book “Switch on Your Brain” and check out her 21 day brain detox app.  Her book is a bit dense on the science side, but the practical application of her work is truly life changing. The foundation of her research is that our thoughts help us change the hard wiring of our brains. We are not victims to our biology, rather our mind can help our biology operate more healthfully. Our mind is the design center for a healthy brain and life, but we have to learn what it takes to transform it from the inside out.  I’ve recommended this to many friends and the difference in them is incredible. I’ve gone through the 21 day brain detox myself and see how it helps calm your thinking honing in it’s focus to remain operating in love instead of operating in fear/toxic ways. We are thinking anyway, might as well think about that which supports us being joyful, healthy, strong, and able to fully receive love. It is hard to write just how much this can help you breakthrough problems you have circled around for years. It has for me. If you’re skeptical go ahead and put it to the test, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

  5.  I love this website for depth of information about various diets, the benefits of specific whole foods, and insight on gut health.  The articles can be a bit lengthy at times, but I love how Dr. Josh Axe backs up the value of eating a diet of whole unprocessed foods with solid research. Plus, his approach is how nutrition really can help you solve a lot of common health problems.  If you struggle with any digestive issues, his resources especially on leaky gut, and how to boost your digestion are top notch. Next time you are curious about something nutrition related do a search on his website to find the answer, it wont lead you wrong.

If you have any questions about these, I’d love to hear your input so be sure to comment below.  

As we wrap up this month of gratitude it would be wrong if I didn’t pause and thank you for being a loyal part of the Rhythm Tribe.  The fact you’re even reading this is a miracle to me. I’m so grateful for your trust in me to help support you in your journey to health.  It really is the first form of wealth we get and should be treasured. My prayer is that as we learn and grow together this next year that you find full confidence in your rhythm of health.  

With deep gratitude and appreciation,