As You Think, So Are You


Having to face some hard questions like “are you really making a difference?”  “What are you bringing that is different from what everyone else does in the fitness sphere?”  Have been very revealing to me. Both in what I have to offer, but also the exercise has tested my capacity to separate what I do from who I am.  Not an easy thing to do, especially as a woman who FEELS all the time and in such complexity. My ladies get me?!

In the process that has followed as I work to unwrap these questions (and honestly, am still working), I find the central principle that is what I believe makes Rhythm of Results and what the various programs I have to offer different.

The mindset around health being more about how to create, build and mature habits not about following a set script or reductionist approaches.  Or to put it another way, you won’t find lasting success and results if you follow the pattern of someone else without adapting it you and your lifestyle. You also are unable to find sustainable and comprehensive results if you don’t take into account the whole body (mind, body, and spirit).  Most programs out there only dive into external behaviors. What to eat, what not to eat. When to eat, when not to eat. How much to eat and of what. See the script? But why are those important and when are those important for you? The question seems daunting, but you know what? You’re actually wired to build habits.  Our brains are built to become increasingly more efficient as we repeat something over and over. This gift is great when the behaviors are in alignment with our goals and needs of that time, but can become detrimental when times change.

Today, I simply want to clarify for you the mindset that a lifestyle of health is built one habit at a time.  It is not something that you can reprogram after just 21 days. Yes you can make a new habit then, but it is like an immature plant.  It still needs proper tending and cultivation to become mature. Why do we treat our health any different then? We are a face paced world and we have misaligned expectations of how our bodies should respond.  But, the journey can actually be fun and enjoyable once we let go of some of those frustrating and faulty expectations.

My hope is as you come alongside the Rhythm Tribe that you begin to see yourself as you were made to be.  That your health isn’t just in the physical, but the whole being. That your behaviors when it comes to nutrition and fitness are motivated by the big picture of what you personally are trying to accomplish, not by the standard of someone else’s body or any other external motivator.  Your health is your responsibility to steward, but is best done in the power of community with a clear plan.

Rhythm of Results, this journal, our programs are all here to provide you as many opportunities in different formats as possible to help you uncover that for yourself.

With all that said, I’d love for you to share.  What is one mindset you’ve held that is more prescriptive vs. habit based regarding your health?