Getting Clear

What is Rhythm of Results about? Who is it for?  How do I reach them? Does anyone pay attention to what I’m doing on social media anyway? Why is habit development over dieting something people actually need? What makes me think I can do this?


These are just a few of the questions I’ve been digging into over the past couple months, well since launching the program.  Its funny how when we step out to do something new the questions come at a machine gun pace. Those questions among taking vacation in August and other responsibilities made it so I took a break from social media.  I know you missed me right? I’m sure you didn’t even notice. A humbling truth when you see Social Media as a tool for business. The truth is though Social Media like money is simply a tool its neutral, but how we use it can be positive or negative.  I took the increased workload as a blessing to re-evaluate how and what I want to communicate here on the inter-webs.

But wait, shouldn’t we do that with everything?  Take the time to be intentional with what we do every day.  After all they are numbered. Yet it is easier to live in ignorance of our ticking clock.  I don’t want to do that, I want to wring out every moment for the joy, love, adventure and power it holds because all life is precious.  It’s not easy to do, because it requires you to dig. To take your pursuit of clarity beyond the first answer, but taking it a step further and challenging why we do what we do and what are our triggers and what serves as accountability.

Mostly, all those questions are in the process of being answered for all of us, but the important thing is that we take the time to explore them.  Not doing so is what sentences us to a life in the rat race. You see I’m announcing my “come back” so to speak because I genuinely do want the accountability to pursue the few answers I have uncovered to all the questions above. Why not have your first post after a year hiatus be about getting clear and intentional right? I see this as a fresh start, a clean slate.

My hope is I will refer back to this frequently to act as a re-alignment tool.  For you, I hope my experience encourages you to get real with yourself, ask the hard questions, and most of all wrestle with them until you find the answers that are truth.  None of us want to go through life aimless, but when we don’t take the time to break away and find clarity we are doomed to fall into the trap of busyness. Now I will share what few things I uncovered in hopes once you read through these you’ll begin your own pursuit or continue in yours as well.

Now to a few things I have uncovered

  1. My coaching style is NOT for those who are happy to let their excuses remain or are unwilling to make the hard changes.

  2. What makes Rhythm of Results and my coaching unique is that it all focuses on helping clients uncover their root mindsets.  That way they can build the healthy ones and uncover the ones that sabotage their daily habits and inhibit them from making lasting change.

  3. While people know innately we can’t expect lasting change to happen overnight, but people still genuinely want this to be their reality.  All my coaching is going to focus on healthy habit development not the fast and fleeting success of short cut diets and formulaic fitness programs.  We are uniquely created and expression of that uniqueness must be there in how we cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

  4. Give grace to myself for how long or slowly business builds.  Just like in health, success and health is not built overnight.

There are more things in the works, but that is for another time.  Now, with all this in mind I want to turn the questions back to you.  What actions have you been caught in that you need to halt so you have the time and space to reboot and reset your focus?  What behaviors, actions and habits are needed in this stage of your life to support you fulfilling your purpose? I’d love to hear more so make sure to share in the comments below.