Margin: edge or border of something

With this definition in mind, how much border and edge do you have in your life?  Or perhaps, do you go full out day in and out completely burning the candle at both ends? Maybe you’re all about #thegrind  or #10x. Now, I’m not against working hard. On the contrary I love it. I’m all about a great work ethic and getting the most out of life.

However, that philosophy has always left me a little unsettled.  Personally I believe we are to give our all in work, but give it proper boundaries (or you could say borders) in our lives. That way we know when “work” ends, and rest begins.  Or when we shift our focus out of doing into being.

In coaching people about their habits, I believe this is one of those mindsets that can be most hindering to our success.  You would think it it would be the opposite right? Try harder and see more results? That is not always the case. Sometimes we do need to up our game.  Yet that is not the solution for everything. It is the solution only a certain % of the time.

The rest of the time requires we master what it means to create healthy edges in our lives so we can not just reach health, excellence, success, but we can sustain it.  Today I simply want to ask you a couple of questions. I hope you take the time to answer them and share the answers with a friend, spouse, or family.

The key being that you share them. You’ll find you uncover more about what you’re expecting of yourself as you discuss this topic with others. Here are are the questions:

What do you do to create margin in your day? Your week? Your month?

What do you do to ensure this is sustained even if lesser so, during a busy season?

In doing this myself with my husband earlier on in my marriage I realized how little margin I actually gave myself.  Specifically in the area of work. Being an entrepreneur and owning my own business there is no clear cut start and stop time.  I would often find myself, and still do when I’m in the thick of multiple projects, overworking and not taking proper care of myself.  This is not something that can be acceptable, because it then becomes not a question of if you’ll hit burnout, but when if you keep neglecting what it means to cultivate proper margin in your life.

I’d love to hear how this exercise helps you or brings clarity to your life.  Please share in the comments below.