Nourishing Your Life

Last week in “Walking the Line: Finding Your Fitness Focus” I talked about how this month we are focusing on how to journey the path from where we are today to where we want to be in the future.  Or in other words, what it means to fulfill our goals specifically in the key areas that impact our health. Have a read to get caught up to speed as I’m picking up where we left off.

Switching gears just slightly from the journey of fitness to that of our nutrition.  It is important we always keep in mind that these two must ALWAYS go hand in hand. One doesn’t work as well without the other.

Now for some questions for you:   How do you navigate with the proper perspective the journey to sound nutrition?  It definitely can be an overwhelming task. After all there are diets out there that go on diets.  There are scripts, meal plans, even some great services that help make meal prep easy. But what is best for you? What will help you keep the results you desire and still have margin to enjoy life not eating cardboard like rice cakes or only juicing all day every day?!

When it comes to nutrition the perspective I find that is both simple and keeps me on a solid track is to eat whole foods.  To put it another way, eat real food, not food that has been processed and packaged for our convenience. 90% of what I buy from week to week is what grows out of the ground or is directly from an animal.  Notice I didn’t say 100% because lets be honest there some products out there that are just too great to pass up that are quality foods but are packaged (i.e.- a great dark chocolate, non GMO organic corn chips  etc..)

The beauty with this perspective of food is it narrows your selections down at the store down considerably.  You’ll find you mostly shop on the perimeter of the store, and yes you will have to cook, but the quality of your food will be vastly improved. Before you stop reading, let me clarify while what you purchase at the store may narrow down what options you have for what you make with those items is endless.

In addition to avoiding processed foods, the next approach to nutrition that helps you walk the line is to build in a rhythm of meal planning and grocery shopping.  It is hard to eat a whole food diet out and about, but if you meal plan and meal prep food for the week you’ll find that things are significantly easier to sustain. It isn’t just about what you do not eat, but getting in enough of the good stuff you do need. This only happens with some preparation.  The whole experience from meal plan to grocery store to meal prepping can be an overwhelming one. That is why I created Rhythm of Results to help simplify this process and give you the tools that best work for you. That way this can be a habit that you not only start, but make sure it becomes an ingrained rhythmic part of your week that adds to your quality of life not draw from it.

           Now lastly, I want to highlight one thing about both these approaches. It is very much habit focused NOT exact science focused.  There is a need to know when foods you’re consuming aren’t being as well absorbed as they could be and take proper actions to help your body heal and correct that.  However, to walk the line successfully in your nutrition you have to understand it isn’t just about the end result, but the building up of the behaviors that move the needle forward toward your goal.  What do those need to be for you to thrive? Without them you will simply be right back where you started in a matter of time. No one has that good of self control. Will power is a fleeting resource that must be replenished daily.   No one is exempt from that.

To properly nourish your body for your goals and current lifestyle means we have to be more adaptive than what most current programs address.  I know my program isn’t for everyone, but hopefully today some ways you’ve been approaching how you feed your body have been stretched or challenged so you can re-calibrate as needed and make the appropriate shifts.  This is a process. It does take time. But it is one of the most worthwhile investments of your time.

To your lasting health!