Walking the Line: Finding Your Fitness Focus


It seems common practice that with the end of one year approaching we reflect that all that has happened.  Personally I love being able to see how much or how little things have changed. Either way, I love that with a new year comes the promise of a fresh start.   Yes sometimes we can go overboard with New Year's resolutions or goals that are not true to us or realistic. Yet I believe we all have a desire to grab each year by the horns and live it to the fullest.  With this spirit I want to take this month to write about how we Walk the Line in life.  I don’t mean the line between good or bad, but how we walk the often tense process of pursuing our desired future in light of the reality of today.

This is often a frustrating journey and I think it deserves some attention because we like to romanticize the process of pursuing our dreams.  We love the dreaming phase and we love the accomplishment phase, but the middle often gets ignored because it isn’t glamorous. It is the hard work.  The blood sweat and tears. I figured there is no better way to close out this year together than to dive into together the arenas that require the most fortitude of character to face because they are often the easiest to ignore.  We will discuss what walking the line in fitness, nutrition, relationships, and yes our hearts. My hope is that in these next few posts I can give some fresh perspective on how to navigate the journey of growth. This way you can begin 2019 with more clarity, more expectation but also with an agile heart to traverse the sometimes harsh terrain.  It takes perseverance and resilience until you see your desired outcome reached, however quickly or long it may take and that doesn’t come naturally to us. We all must choose to continue.

Let’s jump right in and chat about Walking the Line for your fitness.  This one we can all agree is the one area people have the biggest expectations for, but lack a sufficient plan.  Getting healthy is not rocket science. The path is very similar for all of us. The right mix of diet, exercise, healthy sleep and stress management habits lead to a healthier and happier body.  Yes, there are some special conditions to deal with (hormones off balance, thyroid issues, other medical conditions) that can limit your capacity to accomplish fitness goals, but overall this journey is a simple one.  Notice I didn’t say easy. The key with walking the line in fitness isn’t to just have a plan for workouts, or a plan for your diet, but to approach this with a mindset for long term change address that you are a whole body not just its parts.  

This means you’re going to need accountability (which requires you to incorporate others, or a community of people) into your process.  This way as you make changes they are changes that can stick. Otherwise 30, 60 90 days from now once your behaviors slip so will your results. Plus you mix in the social component to fitness which can make the process so much more satisfying.

You’re probably aware of this already, but the question needs to be asked.  What do you do to implement this principle? Yes you know you need a plan, but what are you doing to make sure you have one and that you stick to it? Is it a plan that takes into consideration real life?   That is where the rubber meets the road. We must have intention transformed into action in the right direction. When it comes to fitness the one thing that makes you successful in meeting your goals is focused action completed day after day, rep after rep.  Our physical strength and health requires we are willing to do the work. There are NO shortcuts. There are only plans that are more effective than others based of our unique needs and goals. To walk the line with confidence this next year I want to encourage you to find a plan that fits you.  The plan you choose should match

  • your interests (if you hate running, don’t do a running program, there are so many other ways to get fit)

  • your schedule (you don’t have to commit to training 2 hours a day to reach your goals (make sure it is a program that fits what you want to see shift in your body, don’t do body building workouts if your primary goal is to drop body fat)

  • last but not least your physical limitations (you may have an old injury to deal with that prevents you from training in a specific way, that is ok, you don’t want to start something that you won't be able to sustain long term that just sets you up to be discouraged).

I know this doesn’t provide you with all the answers.  In fact I think I’ve probably stirred up more questions than answers, but that is my intention.  If I was to just give you a “magic formula” to get fit you would take NO ownership of the process.  To walk the line in your fitness goals requires you take responsibility for where you are today and as such have the power to change where you will be in the future.

You’ve got all the resources you could need within reach, but sometimes what is standing in the way is your willingness to ask for help.  If you’d like some extra guidance I’d love to have the opportunity to chat with you further to help you refine what steps are best for you to take next.  I’ll share what I offer, but it isn’t for everyone, if you need something different than what I have to offer that is exactly what we will chat about. That simple. Life is too short to not get on the line from where we are to where we want to be!