Proper Positioning


At the time of writing this I’m 32 weeks pregnant.  I’m within the last two months of pregnancy, which to be honest has been both slow and fast at the same time.  Slow during the months of morning sickness, fast in the scheme of things and looking up realizing that this is such a sweet time for my husband and I in our final months as a couple before we become a family.  

In preparation for our daughters arrival, we did an online birth course by Mama Natural.  One of the key points of the course and preparation it recommends has to do with things that help you support the proper positioning of your baby in your womb/ birth canal.  In listening and watching the various exercises they recommended a simple truth hit me in a new way.

“Our positioning matters greatly, for it determines the ease of transition.”  True in labor and true in life. In labor and delivery, improper positioning can increase pain, create increased risk of complications, and in certain cases can require emergency action be taken.  

In life,  the same holds true.   If we position our lives in places that are not ideal to support our health, the same results will come. Increased pain, consequences for our poor choices, increased risk of other issues coming as we become weaker in our self control, and in some situations can lead to severe or permanent damage.  

Based of my faith in Jesus, I see how important it is to position and align our lives to His promises and principles by living a life pursuing His presence.  Or to put it another way, to value my relationship with God to the point my life (thoughts, words, and actions) are in alignment with His word revealed through scripture so I can best partner with Him in order to fulfill my unique purpose.  

This isn’t something that happens over night, like a baby in the womb big moves twists or turns can be taken, but it most often happens over time.  In my faith journey, I’ve seen the gentle hand of my Heavenly Father come in and give me position corrections. They have come in the form of

  • Changing what I read, watch, and listen to.

  • What friends I give the greatest access to in my life. Specifically in the area of counsel and correction

  • How I treat both strangers, friends and family.

  • Challenging me to grow and deal with unresolved issues or hurts that I’ve given access to remain in my heart

I could list a bunch more, but it is cleaning out anything that would diminish our strength and health.  What I love about this simple lesson from pregnancy is just how profound it is. A small adjustment can bring big rewards as a healthy flow is reestablished. In proper position, the resources or nutrients needed to get us from one stage to the next can move freely.  The thing with poor positioning is that is acts like a blockage, but one in which small and simple adjustments can remove. I love the value of seeing how much positioning matters because it is an encouragement to those who are willing to take responsibility for their actions.

Your capacity to choose and make a decision to get out of proper position is the same power you need to make a new choice and put yourself back in proper alignment.  The power is in our choice. To make bold decisions for position correction is dependent on our willingness to take responsibility for our own lives.

Unlike an unborn baby, who doesn’t consciously choose what position to be in, we can make choices that help us reconnect to a posture and position of health. To set us in a place where our connection and relationship to our Heavenly Father is fully restored.

Here are some practical gauges you can use to help you begin identifying if you’re properly positioned for health:

  1. Your default mode is to believe the best in people and situations.

  2. When fear comes and knocks at the door of your heart while you may feel it, you do not give it room to remain and set up residence in your thoughts.  Instead you face it head on until it flees.

  3. You expect and accept blessings when they come to you.  You don’t receive a blessing and then immediately go into performance mode to validate your worthiness to have such things.

  4. You’re confident in your identity to the point others around you can be blessed and your worth is left unaffected.

  5. In times of confusion, you seek the spirit of truth as your council, not the opinions of man (including yourself).  

  6. You sustain a rhythm of rest and margin in your life where burnout is not even in your vocabulary. In other words, you tend to your physical well being where that doesn’t add to the stresses life throws at you.

  7. You forgive yourself and others freely and completely.  Evidence seen in never bringing up old wounds or hurts as collateral in times of conflict.

These few of many gauges are a great place for you to start to evaluate the posture and position of your life in its fullness (mind, body & spirit). Now is the time to dig in and ask yourself: “Am I positioned to receive the next stage?”