[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]A[/mk_dropcaps]dventure- when you don't know where you're going, but you know you can't stay here. My husband and I decided this year our word would be "adventure." It is one of those words that even hearing it makes my heart beat a bit faster with anticipation.  I love a good adventure.  The thing with adventure, like the description above states is that with adventure comes the unknown.  We don't know where the path we are on will take us in our best adventures, but the anticipation and expectation of what lies ahead brings with it an excitement unlike anything else.

In thinking about adventure as we made it our world it got me to thinking.  How starved are we in the western world for adventure?!  It doesn't take much digging to realize that the majority of Americans are craving adventure.  All you have to do is look to what movies are the top in the box office.  Many of them have to do with superheros and their incredible adventures of courage, strength, and wit.  If that isn't enough, the fact that so many Americans even with all the resources, securities and luxuries at our finger tips still go to drugs, alcohol, and other addictions to feel a thrill and numb pain.

That isn't what I want to focus on today though.  Rather, I share that our word for the year is adventure, because my guess is like my husband and I, you crave the unknown.  You don't want your life to be so structured, so routine that you end up at the end of your life wishing you had taken more risks.  I believe the tug we all feel in our hearts for adventure, isn't to be reckless, rather it is to step into new levels of our divine purpose and calling.  It requires trust in God (like I talked about in last weeks post FREE FALL).  Beyond that though, with each step we take on our path of adventure it uncover parts of ourselves and those with us that never would have surfaced otherwise. It takes boldness to step out into an adventure.  After all, you don't know exactly where you will end up.  That is what makes it so magnetic.  Sometimes it's worth getting out there, doing something you've never done because you're done with remaining in the same place.

This life and journey to seek after God is just that, an adventure.  For my husband and I, we picked "adventure" as our word originally because we both recognized we were getting too serious in our routine of order.  Perhaps you are like us, craving more out of your life.  You may be very content and happy (as we are), but there is something in you hungry for more.  We could all use a little more adventure in our lives, a little less social media and comparison.  When you're on your own adventure all your senses are required.  When you're caught up in the routine of the daily grind it is easy to grow numb and see comforts.

Before I wrap up, let me clarify.  I'm not saying to throw caution to the wind and leave all your responsibilities unattended.  Instead, if more of us adopted a mindset of adventure we would explore options and avenues we otherwise never would have stepped foot on.  Its time we all get a bit more creative.  That we look at what we have on our plate and seek after ways to pursue those things with a spirit of adventure.  That is at the end of the day, what it means to be led by faith.