[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]H[/mk_dropcaps]ave you noticed how commonplace it is to go back on your word these days? If not, then invite a big group of friends to a party and see how many reply.  Then see how many of those people actually come. Lack of commitment or saying one thing and doing another has been normalized.  To the point that as someone who is working to have her yes be yes and no be no it is so contrary to the norm that a lot of people do not expect it. Let me pause for a second and say that I am not writing to condemn on any level.  I struggle to stick to my word 100% of the time, and situations will call for you to go against it when priorities in your life throw you.  I am merely highlighting a fact that we can all agree on.  You have thought it at one point in time I am sure. We tolerate it as part of human nature.  We expect it in fact.

In a world focused on the “next best thing” it is no accident this is commonplace. The frustrating truth is this is not how we are to live.  Additionally it is not how we deep down want to live.  It creates a fractured life never being able to fully commit and go all in.   Operating this way for too long and your life will begin to feel like a hanging sentence or even like a conversation where one person just up and leaves in the middle of it without explanation.  Being unwilling to fully commit leads us to become indifferent and apathetic which eventually leave us feeling powerless to make changes and confused about where our life is headed.

It is this fear of commitment that lies at the root of many of our issues to being able to see the future clearly and be a visioneer.  I find that this is especially true for the dreamers.  You are hard wired to see a lot of things.  You think up a ton of ideas.  Maybe even start a few of them.  But they end up as unfinished projects.  Breaking this pattern and narrowing your focus on a set vision for the year, the next 5, 10 etc takes a willingness to dig deep face the root issue behind your fear of commitment and pop the clutch.

2015 is now at full speed ahead.  We  are 3 weeks in afterall! One thing you can count on is that time will pass.  It is a one way street.  There is no getting time back.  If you are not satisfied where you are at currently and you can relate to having started many things with only finishing a few, it is time for a reality check. Commitment is not solitary confinement.  In fact when you commit to a path fully it is freeing as you now can bring your full capacity to that one thing.  You are free from the grip of all the other options and their distractions.  You will still have to enforce them from creeping in on your time, energy and resources but the boundaries will be much clearer.  The commitment acts as a gps guiding your decisions of action toward your vision.  As you take those first steps in boldness toward your commitment you will gain a new level of clarity along the road.

The battle will be ongoing to sustain your commitment.  Remember that the reward is far beyond what you could imagine.  I love how faithful our God is to our commitments.  For us to step out and commit to Him, to commit to the destiny He has for us, and to commit to those who have been assigned to us to serve and impact is a joy and an honor.  The reward is eternal. Add to it that He already paid the ultimate price of commitment through Jesus is outright overwhelming how good it is.  We are not bound to a life that is oppressive in any way!

I pray that as you have read these words today your heart has been stirred toward change.  You see commitment in a new light and you can boldly and confidently grasp what lies next for you.  You are not here in this place at this time by accident.  God is moving in and through you.  There is SO much more that awaits you.  The first thing though is to make sure you have taken your feet from straddling the line of a decision and commit.  It is time to go all in!