Doubt Decay

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]H[/mk_dropcaps]ave you ever had that moment of clarity where you distinctly had a thought you know came from God?  Those are the moments I live for.  Those moments are more than encouraging they are life changing.  We often second-guess if God is speaking to us, especially when we are beginning our relationship or reconnecting with Him. There are a few factors that contribute to second-guessing God’s voice.  First off is that we’ve developed a habit of busyness, both in our mind and our actions.  We shift our focus to task instead of the ever-present voice of God.  As I mentioned in Availability to have deep relationships we must learn to prioritize people over task, with God it is no different, in fact He should be first in line for our focus and attention.

Another reason is our expectations of how and when God will speak. It is like we get an idea of the method God will use to speak to us and no other way becomes acceptable.  We box in and limit a limitless God. You can not just tell God you want him to speak to you like He did with Moses and use a  burning bush. God is not about the fast and flashy.  To expect or demand the audible voice of God or a dramatic sign, is like trying to micromanage God .  Alright, maybe your requests are not that dramatic, but just a “sign” of our own choosing.  Our God, the creator of the universe, takes orders from no one.  As a kid could you boss your Dad around? How did that go for you?

The truth of how God speaks is that it is constant, ever present, gentle, and sometimes yes even silent.  The Holy Spirit, and the presence of God, is with us at all times.  He is always speaking, but in a whisper.  That means that often in the busyness of life, we drown out His voice and have a different focus.  Think of being in a crowded room with such a hum of noise that it has become as loud as music being blasted at a concert.  To hear a whisper, even if it is close, is nearly impossible.  We have to create space to hear from God.  This means we must literally carve out time for Him to speak.  When you do, trust that He is bringing the answers you seek.

I have been declaring over my life, at the recommendation of one of my pastors, James 1:5

[mk_blockquote style="line-style" font_family="none" text_size="16" align="center"]If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.[/mk_blockquote]

Now, that is a promise.  Ask and you shall receive.  There is a caveat to this scripture, though.  It does NOT say when you will receive.  If you look at this verse in the context that James is writing to the twelve tribes, it becomes clear that we are to respond to a word of wisdom from God.  James is encouraging them to see the trials faced for the fruit they produce, specifically joy and patience.  He also brings to light that within the journey, God is perfecting your faith.  The caveat is this.  As you ask, you must check first in your heart for doubt.  If you ask in doubt, not in faith, how you can expect to get a clear answer from God?

Think of it like this.  You go to your mom or dad to ask for money.  Instead of believing in their good nature that they will give it to you, you doubt, even as you ask.  Your delivery would be all wrong.  If I was a parent, first off, it would be clear that my child had little faith in me.  Secondly, I would be less willing to give them the gift as we obviously have bigger issues to address than a lack of cash flow.  How many of us operate this way?  Our God is better, by leaps and bounds, than the best parent there has ever been.  We can believe that if what we ask is in alignment with His Word and His will, then we will have whatever we are asking for. It takes faith.  That is it. End of Story.