Bringing the Dream to Reality

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]I[/mk_dropcaps] have taken some big steps toward my dream. I have shared my dream with my close friends, and those of you who have been generous enough to check it out. I took it a step further with this website launch. I want to be sure before too much time goes by to share my vision for this community. I have for too long shared in terms of the “what if’s.” It is part of our human nature.  Ideas are fun to have but the reality is often much more than we thought of in the thrill of the thought’s conception. If you know me personally you know that sharing my heart does not come easily, especially to this depth. Like so much of this process has been already, it is not about my comfort, but rather my obedience to follow the prompts of God’s still small voice. It is my belief that sharing this will help you do one of two things:

  1. You will know my heart more and, therefore, have an understanding to better receive what I share.
  2.  My dreams will help you begin to dream bigger and bolder dreams of your own.  After all, if I can do it, you can too!


I picture and pray that this forum creates a community that:

  • Loves Jesus passionately and boldly.
  • Loves people enough to serve them, regardless of inconvenience.
  • Serves their city with a humble heart.
  • Operates in faith and works. Not talk with no action.
  • Values their word as their bond.  (Matt 5:37)
  • Is obscenely generous, with both time and finances. (giving over 100 million in dollars and hours)
  • Creates a community to bring healing, unconditional love, and draw out the strengths of the broken.
  • Assumes personal responsibility for their lives knowing it influences those around them.
  • Maintains humility, even in a life of abundance and privilege.
  • Unifies together to help everyone reach their destiny.
  • Combats comparison by feeding each other’s strengths.
  • Strengthens the culture of families.
  • Honors and respects every individual.
  • Does not gossip, but speaks truth in love.
  • Shows the lonely they have a community who are fighting for them, even if they don’t know them personally.
  • Believes in and draws out the good in all people.
  • Sets people free from oppression, in all its forms.
  • Strengthens their mind, body and soul in the word of God.
  • Teaches others how to live a sustainable, fun and healthy lifestyle.
  • Encourages others to dream bigger.
  • Equips and empowers others, not just how to eliminate debt but how to live an abundant life. ( John 10:10)
  • Graciously and humbly accepts correction.
  • Listens to others with a present mind.
  • Sees their blessing as their capacity to bless others.
  • Teaches others the principles of leadership.
  • Develops a hunger to learn without ceasing
  • Persists toward their goals without exception.
  • Is strictly inclusive.
  • Speaks life, not death, over themselves and others.


In my dream, I picture those that are impacted through my writing coming together in an auditorium. It is a room of 1000’s of the most influential leaders of this generation coming together with the purpose of sharpening each other both in their relationship with Jesus and in marketplace leadership. The leaders in that room will include successful entrepreneurs, business men and women, parents, pastors, government officials, military men and women, teachers, artists, and athletes alike. Through the favor of God and his blessing my writing will unite the most driven and competitive leaders of this generation. In our unity we will shift the culture of our nation by helping the individual come back to the principles and values laid in the Bible.  The selfie and entitlement mentality of this generation will be broken and go back to the simple truth that this life is not about you.  In our unity we will help to revive this nation out of indulgence and selfish competition and bring us back into what makes us so strong.  Our generosity and willingness to fight for people’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I don’t know about you but  for me life is not worth living if there is no a meaning to bring to it.  I am praying for you to encounter God’s love and be covered with His favor daily. What makes you unique is needed for us all to accomplish the one mission above all which is the great commission.  This is the part I feel I am called to play.  I hope it helps you to be better equipped and empowered to walk out yours.  From the bottom of my heart it is an honor to have you join me in this journey.  Thank you!