Enforcing Freedom

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]A[/mk_dropcaps]s sons and daughters of God, we are no longer slaves to sin.  The enemy no longer has legal access to our lives… except for when we give him access.  That seems contrary to the truth, however, that God has given us all authority here on the earth. How can this be?  I am glad you asked.  We have dominion but so many Christians lack true revelation of what dominion really means.  It is possible that you can believe in God and receive Him as your Lord and Savior but still be oppressed by the enemy.  Why is this?  It’s because our agreements carry power. When you do not know who you are in Christ you can be saved, but live oppressed.  But this is not the point I want to make today.  Rather, I hope by the time you finish reading this you have a deeper revelation of the power you have in Christ.  I don’t want you leaving this page with just having read more information. Instead, I want to ignite a passion in you to see more of God moving through your life.  I praise God that, by the power of the resurrection, we have been given the keys to heaven and the power to enforce freedom!  This power is for each and every believer.

In the church, the concept of demonic oppression is taboo.  The world, however, sensationalizes the demonic; taking for instance, any horror movie.  It is important for us to increase our influence and be a bright light for the lost to get a personal revelation of what dominion we carry.  It’s also imperative for us to clarify and demystify what goes on in the spiritual realm so we can each rise up in the strength we have in God.  Let me be crystal clear.  As Christians, we cannot be possessed by the enemy.  What does occur is that our freedom can be restricted by demonic influence when we allow access. Doors can be left open through various situations in our lives.

Pastor Mike Connell is an incredible minister of bringing spiritual deliverance, which he calls “freedom ministry.”  We enforce our freedoms under the power of God.  I am tempted to try and regurgitate his teaching on this area because it fires me up, but I do not carry the same anointing to teach this as he does.  Instead, I encourage you to go to his resources.  I have found them invaluable in bringing revelation to activate your spiritual authority.  You can browse through is website www.mikeconnellministries.com or, if you are ready to really dig in, check out his 6-part series video training and follow along with the manual.

My most intense experience and encounter with God’s power came from being delivered from soul ties.  The pain that once weighed my heart down was lifted in a moment.  I have never experienced such a dramatic shift in peace.  I felt lighter.  I know just how real this is from personal experience but I realize so many Christians today have never encountered this aspect of God.

Our Heavenly Father is to be worshiped in spirit and in truth (John 4:23).  This means we are not only about the intellectual knowledge and wisdom of the Lord, as many Christians focus on.  Yes, this is a key foundation of our faith, but worshipping in the spirit means we are obedient in allowing His power to flow and His voice to lead us.

I admit, I am a control freak apart from God.  With God, I have been able to release the reigns to my life and the freedom that has surfaced is a glorious thing.  This freedom is not something unique to me.  I believe the church is entering a season where exercising our spiritual authority to bring deliverance, healing, and miracles will be the new normal.  It starts with you and I embracing this truth and slowing down to teach others how to operate in this same power.

If you, like me, were raised in a more religious household (I was raised both in the Lutheran and the Catholic church), you probably think I am crazy.  I am 100% okay with you thinking this.  However, I want to challenge you more than I want you to simply agree with me.  I challenge you to dig into the Word of God and to ask Him explicitly to show you His power.  If you feel like you keep circling the same mountain, if you feel stuck, or if you feel like you are living a split life, I have news for you today.  There is likely a door in your life that has been opened giving access to the enemy. BUT, if you are ready to be free, you have every right to exercise authority in Christ to close that door.

Don’t just take my word for it.  I do not want to rob you of an experience with the power of God.  There is more for you, friend!  All I feel today is the need to bring clarity to this truth knowing that even if it is just for one person, God put this on my heart to let you know that you can be free!  You were not born this way.  Depression is not something you will always have.  You will not be single for forever!  Now is the time to seek more of God.  The best is ahead for you my friend!  I praise God for your freedom!

Let me wrap up with this practical point.  If you felt any stirring while reading this post, please do not disregard the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  If you don’t know how to pray to bring your own freedom, please send me an email.  If you are in San Diego, I know a great church that’s willing to help.  Come to any of C3 San Diego’s weekend services and I know God will meet you there.  Whatever you do, do not remain silent.  That is exactly what the enemy wants.  Your freedom is yours for the taking.  All you have to do is make one small step of faith!  I will be praying for you!