Flawed & Proud

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]W[/mk_dropcaps]e humans are messy people. Think about it. Do you have to teach a kid how to be messy?  It is innate in us to create chaos in our environments.  The beautiful thing about this is that we have a hunger to explore and to enjoy life from an early age, but that does not mean that its in an orderly fashion.  Somewhere along the way of growing up, it clicks in our heads that, as adults, we cannot be both crazy messy and get very far in life. I used to think that order was just a cultural expectation, and in certain ways, it is, but in a different way it is the design of our heavenly Father.  Order establishes boundaries so we know where we end and where another begins.  This is true for our relationship with others and with God.

In my quiet time with the Lord lately, the recurring theme is how much we are to have order in our inner world.  In doing so, we are equipped to deal with the chaos of the outer world.  He, after all, has given us a peace beyond understanding.  But what does this inner order look like when we ourselves are flawed and have a bent toward chaos?  We are all selfish, insecure, and doubting on some level.

[mk_blockquote style="line-style" font_family="none" text_size="18" align="center"]How do we, in our imperfection, have order to serve our perfect God?[/mk_blockquote]

A key component of what I believe the answer is to this question is actually to own our flaws.  We have authority over what we own.  What we confess, instead of being kept hidden, does not have power over us.  Rather we, in turn, claim our power over our flaws.  Obviously, this is to be done with discernment and not to advertise your inadequacies and shortcomings to simply get attention.  I think it is implicit knowledge in each of us that everyone has flaws.  That connects us.  However, we don’t need to have the focus on our faults.  They are not meant to drown us.  Rather, when you acknowledge and own your flaws you can opperate in the authority God has given you to be master over them versus them over you.  You are his heir after all.

Accepting ownership of my own flaws has not only given me a new level of grace for myself, but for those around me.  Like love, sometimes we have to first learn to receive it for ourselves to be able to pour out that same kind of love and grace on others.  This brings a new level of ease to life.  We don’t have to be perfect, but press into God in areas of imperfection and live out an imperfectly perfect life.

It is amazing just how much more fun life becomes when you seek a revelation of this for yourself.  You no longer feel the need to hide your flaws or fixate on those of others, but simply shift to see the good and God in yourself and others.