GO! Ready. Set.

When you believe God is calling you to do something, will you GO? I have decided this year I will answer yes to this question no matter what.  That is why I am here, writing this blog, working on my first book, not because it is my original plan, but what I believe is God’s plan for me.  To be transparent, doing this is almost 2 years in the making.  At the end of 2013 I decided to say so long to doubt and hesitancy no matter what I feel led to do but simply step out and give it my best. I have never been into writing to share with others.  Writing has been a personal way to digest my feelings, thoughts, and current circumstances.  So the fact that this is the forum God wants to use through me means forcing my fears out of the drivers seat into the trunk. I’m tired of just thinking or talking about God’s promptings.  I am going to believe to the point of action the fact that when He calls me to something, He will get me through it and for His glory.  I just have to go! No more thinking, hesitating, or questioning. Ready or not, GO!

Before I really begin though lets get acquainted. There are few things about my style of writing and the way I think you should know so you can get the most out of this blog. I am the youngest of 3 girls and was the only one who became a serious athlete.  Specifically, I was a swimmer and water polo player.  To say I am competitive is putting it mildly.

When half of your life is spent in an endeavor it ultimately shifts your way of thinking.  Many of the challenges I face now are processed through an athlete mindset. I believe that simplifies what issues life throws in a way I can tackle them more quickly and courageously.  For any athlete you have to grow a thick skin.  You set a goal. Train.  Get correction. Train. More Correction. Train harder. Compete. Win or Lose, get more correction.  Then repeat over and over until you decide to stop or you reach your goals. Rarely are feelings allowed into this equation, and you have to realize you’re always a work in progress and things can always be better.  Any emotions felt are only permitted if they can be channeled into more drive or improvement. You must be willing to hear things that challenge not just what you did but your state of mind, choices, and behaviors. All small things have BIG impact.  But that is true in all areas of life!  It is with that kind of simplicity and directness I wish to share some of my own revelations about this journey called life. I intend only to write what I have personally been challenged with so we are in this together. I am speaking as much to me as to you. I don’t ever want to pretend to have it all together (and I definitely don’t) but I know experiences are the best teachers.  I hope you can learn from mine instead of having to live them out yourself.

With that said that means you will have to take on the persona of an athlete and see me like your coach.  What you do with what I share is up to you.  It is in the proper application of council that you develop wisdom.  If you open up your heart and mind to receive the “coaching” I will share I promise to always keep it encouraging, challenging and growing.  That is because all of what I write ultimately brings focus back on the amazing love and grace of our heavenly Father.  Through Him we can do all things (Phil 4:13)!   I give Him all the glory in advance.  I pray as we go about this journey together you will see His goodness in a new way, gain His wisdom not mine, and be transformed into the unique, gifted, creative, and powerful person He designed you to be.   I am expecting BIG things from you and me because we serve a BIG God who has empowered us to do so.

But before I finish, I want to take a minute to dedicate my writing to my father Nick.  He passed away last March after years of tackling a neurological condition which included the last 5 years of his life being paralyzed.  During that season of his life he’d often quote a common verse from the Bible (yep it was spoken close to 365 times) that was simply “be not afraid.”

In honor of him I am being obedient to that verse.  I will not let fear dictate my destiny. I am taking the next small step of action even if I feel fear.  Many more moments like this will be required of me.  Some will be fun, and some so weighty I may not want to continue but I will any way. I see it as a privilege to carry someone’s legacy so I want to make my father proud. So right now I’ll promise you that I commit in my heart and mind to “be not afraid” and I ask you to join me. Let us just go and bring our very to each moment and each day.  We are in this together! Now GO! Ready. Set.