Resilience Builder

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]G[/mk_dropcaps]ratitude is powerful when it goes beyond habit and becomes ingrained into your character.  At this level of maturity, and even before, a powerful byproduct of gratitude is resilience in the midst of a storm.  Just as I talked about last week, gratitude is Joy-Fuel and when paired with joy, resilience along with its key attributes are a knockout punch to the enemy.  A human heart in a posture of gratitude, fully surrendered to the Lord, cannot help but be victorious.  A person like this will not just make it through storms, but will flourish on the other side.  As you and I mature in our capacity to be grateful even during life's storms, they will not diminish us, but rather we will be left stronger than we were before the storm.   This truth makes me think about how trees withstand crazy wind and storms.  The weaker branches and leaves may fall off.  Nothing is left on the tree that hasn’t been established in health and firmly rooted.  The same goes for us in storms.  Yet, it is our gratitude and joy that helps root us so we do not give up while the storm is swirling around us.  Unlike trees, we are able to move about freely.  We have free will and it is our choice to do the work of digging deeply into our root system of gratitude while things are good and no storm is in sight.  It makes a loss in any storm less than it would have been.  No, I did not say the storm would be easy, but it will be less damaging.  Gratitude builds us up in strength; unlike most things.  Gratitude in our God, first and foremost, is not just right because it is honoring.  It benefits us by what resilience is built up in our spirit, soul and body.


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