Gratitude: The Antidote

A Change of Plans + An Announcement As we head into the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving, I figured there really is no better time to roll out a few changes.  Over the next 3 months, you will notice the blog shorten in content (a good challenge for me since, as you may have noticed, I have no problem coming up with words).  Let's be real though, unless you really have some downtime, we all appreciate reading content that gets to the point; especially when time is short like it is during the holiday season.  This change is not only for your benefit, but for mine as well as there are a few things in my world that will change over the next few months.  Yes, I am planning a wedding, but that is not all.  In early 2016, we are launching a FREE e-book!  Details on this will be launched closer to the release date which also will be announced before the end of the year.  I will pouring my focus into this book so that the content provides you with as much value and life-enrichment as possible.  In all fairness, and because I am not the best with secrets, I will give you the title!  The title of my e-book is  “Renovate Your Wellness: A Guide to Simplified Nutrition and Fitness.”  Have questions?  Want to stay in the loop?  Sign up now for email updates and ensure you are the first to know when blogs are posted weekly!  You'll also receive occasional updates including details on the upcoming e-book.  All you need to do is simply fill out your email under “Join the Movement!” on the bottom of the homepage.  It really is as simple as that!

Back to the blog...  The mission of Competing with Purpose is to set you free from the trap of performance and to lead you on a path of health in all its components - mentally, physically and spiritually.  To better enhance your mental and physical health and development, we will tackle a one word theme each month.  These words will be traits, characteristics and qualities that every healthy leader has and grows in.  To start, the word for November is gratitude.  Yep!  You guessed it!  I am tying it into Thanksgiving.  But really, gratitude is more powerful than you may realize. 


The Antidote

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]D[/mk_dropcaps]espite what it may seem, gratitude is not a feeling but a choice.  Just like love, gratitude is a decision we must make daily.  Full appreciation of the blessings currently in our hands requires a discipline of gratefulness.  This discipline does not sound very flowery or fun when put like that.  You see, we think we should only be grateful when things are good.  Yet, there is a problem in this thinking.  When you go from living lost and broken to being whole in Christ, it does not mean your life will be all rainbows and sunshine.  Actually, God promises in scripture that we will have "trials of many kinds".  I have had my fair share.  You have as well; I am certain of that.  My trials look different than yours and yet, the strand of truth that we all have gone through trials is what connects us.   Gratitude is one way we can flip our trials.  When you willingly shift your perspective off of your trials to see what blessings you do have, you will find that something powerful happens.  Your situation will go from something that breaks you to something that builds you up and binds you to others.  When you operate in gratitude, it is as though you take an is an antidote to depression, fear and anxiety (just as I talked about in the Monsters Within series).  Gratitude holds immense power because it retrains our minds to go from “worst case scenario” to a higher perspective.  We can “zoom out” from the storm and see more clearly what God has done, what He is doing, and remember His promise of what He will do.  If He got you to this point, He will get you through it and on into your destiny.  

When you realize the magnitude of blessings already in your hands, it is easier to loosen the grip of panic that you will not have enough for today and everyday going forward.  Practice gratitude today simply by taking 5 minutes to write down all that you are grateful for.  You will be amazed by the list you get.  Many of the items listed may be people.  What a blessing to have so many people to do life with!  It may be your health, financial abundance, the location in which you live, etc.  I can count on the fact that you have more blessings than you have given God credit or praise for.  There is so much good in this world because the only one who is truly good created it!  Once you have done this little exercise, think about how you feel now versus how you felt before?  I bet you feel lighter and more joyful.  I often feel overcome and in awe of the goodness of our God.  This is the power of gratitude; the antidote to trials.  Now imagine if this was a habit that marked your character?  What if we all shared in gratitude...?


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