Help for the Meal Planner

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]M[/mk_dropcaps]y fellow meal planner, I know the struggle is real and endless.  I hope these few pointers help your journey have more easy and fun mixed in.  Please comment and share what you have found to be successful in your meal planning and prep journey.  We all can grow and learn from each other as there are so many different styles and schedules out there. To start us off here are 3 of my favorites:

  1. Cook a large meal on Sunday to last the week in lunches.  This is my favorite way to meal prep for my husband and I.  You can do this when you're cooking on Sat or Sunday so it's fresh for the week.  I keep it simple with these meals: protein, whole grain, and veggie.  You can do a lot with that simple formula. The variety can be with the mid am/pm meals but this keeps the prep fast and efficient.  This last week our lunches were: Tempeh, Broccoli, and red quinoa covered with Chipotle Bitchin Sauce.
  2. Balance Your Meals- This will be a bit different based on your activity level, gender, and age.  My general rule of thumb per meal for macronutrients is:  a min of 10g protein (especially important if you workout or are male), 5g plus of fiber per meal (the goal is 25-30 per day for optimal health),  about 10g healthy fat and keeping starchy carbs at 30g or less per meal (For those who want to shed lbs and fat this is important. For those of you who want to build muscle you can stretch this.  Add in veggies/fruit first to boost this not starchy carbs).
  3. Be adventurous- I can't help but to use recipes I think that will taste good and spin them a little.  It makes the process of cooking more enjoyable.  I  never know what I'll get, but I more times then not like the challenge and the satisfaction that comes when it turns out amazing.  Those times it doesn't, I like to learn from and use to improve it in the future.  Typically the outcome is good, just not great so no risk there when the recipe includes foods you already love. Using Yummly, clippings from magazines like Shape and Cooking all help me get out of my recipe rut and into trying new things.

Now what are the helpful pointers you have to share?

I can't wait to read them!