In Front Of The Camera


[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]I[/mk_dropcaps]f you know me personally, you know that my natural preference is not to be in front of the camera.  God has a funny way of getting you to do the things you never thought you'd do, in an effort to stretch and grow my business and share more with you I decided it was finally time to step in front of the camera. In this post I'm not claiming to know it all (FAR from it). However, I believe there have been already some great lessons this social introvert has learned in the last few months that you will benefit from no matter your personality type. These are lessons that can be applied to any arena where communication is required (pretty much every area of life right?!).

Here are my top 5...

  1. Know What You're Trying to Say. - When you don't know the point you're trying to make, how can you expect someone else to grab it? My goal for all of these videos has been to keep that at 1 min or less. You don't realize how challenging that is until you go to film. With that time restraint that has meant I have to know the ONE point I'm trying to make in each video and how I want to deliver it. Its easy to want to get illustrative, or go on a tangent to tell a story. When you know the heart of what you're saying the confidence and delivery becomes SO much better. That however is not the most important part. It is not as important we know what we are trying to say, but what we want people to hear from what we say. I'm learning there sometimes can be a BIG gap in the two if you don't remove yourself from the equation. In doing so you're then able to see how your message could be received by others. This is the one thing that I am right in the middle of learning. Clarity, strangely enough, actually takes A LOT of work to uncover.

  2. Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously.- My first thought when doing videos is I have to cut out all the silliness as to not be distracting to a viewer. While that is partially true it is not the whole story. I'm naturally a very quirky person and love to be silly. Whenever the camera is rolling I want to shove those mannerisms out of view. That simply is boring to watch and unrelatable. I want people to know I'm imperfect, to relate to me, not just take in the words I'm saying, but feel the heart behind what I'm saying. My favorite way to break out of being overly rigid in my delivery is right before we hit record to do one of the following: speak in an accent, do silly dance moves, and make funny faces. Honestly, it's helped me in many other areas as well. I've see how powerful it is to laugh at yourself. You remember your humanity. You are flawed, but that is what makes you relatable, to try and hide that doesn't fool anyone, but simply keeps others at arms length. Not everyone will love my style, but if I'm being to serious I'm not truly myself and I rob those who I'm built to help from the real me.

  3. Done is Better Than Perfect.- Don't fear the mistakes. Do them, learn from them, get better. Repeat. That has been what has kept me going and will get me to finish out the 12 weeks of videos. My type A tendancy would still be working on my first video (I have no doubt), if I expected perfection. I'm not a bombshell who is built for the camera. I'm a girl next door. My mannerisms if I watch too closely make me feel awkward because they sometimes can be too spastic. Through watching my videos to edit them God has forced me to exercise grace on myself. Which I could spend a whole blog talking about. My love for people will only grow the more I know how to love myself without condemnation but increasing grace. If God doesn't condemn me, neither should I, and then it is so much easier to release grace to others.

  4. You Do You- When you see yourself on camera it can be very humbling to realize you don't look as pretty, cool, or well spoken as you wish you would. Yes, we can all grow in the skill of communication, and I'm on that road myself. I am a work in progress. Yet there is one thing I refuse to do. I refuse to imitate someone else. I have many friends who are far more natural in front of the camera. They are far more energetic and well spoken than I. If I try to be like them (get all amped trying to hard to be witty), the video's feel flat. My message gets watered down. God made you and I just as we are for a very specific purpose. I am working on blessing what God has made instead of cursing it. It is only then any of us find the confidence that comes from being a true original. It makes it far easier to quit the comparison game and love the unique pieces in each person.

  5. Speak Louder- Last week we went on "location" to a grocery store to film. I can't tell you how nerve racking that was. I am ok in my kitchen with my friend Danece behind the camera filming. It's safe. Going out of my house has so many more variables... and PEOPLE.Yikes! I know the videos will be watched on social media so it's funny that what makes me feel weird is that "Someone will know I'm filming." Social media however feels safer because you are not there when someone watches your videos, criticism is buffered by the screen they watch from. Filming "on location" revealed that my response to the fear of criticism is that I talk softer. Don't we do that in many areas of our lives? When we know others are watching, we shy away, try to deflect, try to cover up what we are doing, or water it down to not offend or be rejected? I realize the root of this is a root issue of shame and insecurity. It's humbling to admit, but I'd rather face this head on. How many of us don't believe our voice carries weight? But look to your life and it is the sum value of what words you've spoken over it. Our voice is powerful, not as much as the word of God, but as my pastor Ps. Jurgen says "His word is as powerful in your mouth as it is in His, for it His word." We are built with voices that carry power. I desire to have a voice that builds up others, and tears down the work of evil. This will NOT happen if I am ashamed of my own voice. Now I'm aware of this root of shame and insecurity in a new way I can dig in to uproot it. If you share this with me I invite you to join me in doing the work to bring healing. My desire is for us to unite as we learn to stand firm and confident in the voice God has given each of us. Not to attack each other, but to clean out evil, deception, and manipulation. I pray whatever words we speak would bring life not death to those who hear. Speaking "louder" means we are unashamed of the divine power of God that is within us.

Now you know the power of my small stretch, I want to encourage you to do that one thing you've been afraid to do because you don't have it "all figured out" or you feel you're "not good enough"  that simply is not true, and the value of your stretch beyond the comfortable I guarantee will make you a stronger person.  This is just a glimpse of what work God has been doing in my heart from something super simple.  Imagine what will come for you if you dare to step?

I'd love to hear what that is for you so please comment below.