[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]W[/mk_dropcaps]hen talking about partnership and our influence on each other there is no better way to wrap up this topic than to talk about legacy.  What mark will your life leave after you are gone?  Some may think it morbid to talk about the lives of those in your world after you are gone, but I believe it shows a deep and unconditional love. It shows honor and respect for the limited time we have been given. What is priceless is the urgency and passion it encourages to walk through each day.

This topic touches close to home because before my father passed two years ago on the 19th of this month he was very aware of the importance of legacy.  Today in fact would have been his 67th birthday. What better way to celebrate his legacy than to pass on what he taught me about legacy?  I celebrate his life today, not out of a place of grief, but out of honor and a deep love that I will carry with me until I get to be reunited with him in heaven.

What more powerful way to partner with other than to impart and carry legacy?  I consider it an honor every day to carry the legacy my dad modeled and wanted to leave: perseverance and living by the golden rule.

The best way we transfer legacy is being a living example of it first.  Our legacy is built in how we live our life.  The partnership of legacy comes in when you are positioned to carry another’s legacy.  This is different than carrying vision.  Vision is a picture of a preferred future.  Legacy is a method of operation to get to bring a vision into reality. Both are crucial to walk out our great commission.  Our lives are so interconnected Vision and legacy are the motivation and encouragement that aid in unity and the flow of each of us together in a symbiotic flow.

I love that the life of Jesus was all about legacy. He came set the example of the perfect life, taught about it, and then in His passing left a helper to aid in the fulfillment of the vision.  Legacy is something that we can talk about.  We can make it clear what we do want to leave behind to those we love.  Jesus made it plain how His disciples could carry His legacy before He went to the cross (read John 16).  The most relatable way we learn is looking at how Jesus walked through challenges.