[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]P[/mk_dropcaps]assion: a barely-controllable emotion. Passion is magnetic, even if it is to see how far or extreme someone with passion will go.  I love the expression “I’m on fire for God.”  It is cliché but the truth of this statement is that people will come to see what you are doing, even if all it’s for is to watch you burn.

Watching and catching others’ passion is incredible.  In a society that is, at large, vastly apathetic, seeing genuine passion is captivating.  There is also the weird kind of passion that can push others away; it’s forceful and aggressive.  Either way, the reactions others have to our passion are always strong.

Lately I’ve been thinking about passion as I’ve hit a wall.  I have killed off the power of depression over my life.  However, the fact is, while on a heart and spiritual level I am free from this oppressive presence, I still wrestle with the thought patterns that go along with it.  My Pastor, Jurgen Matthesius, says that throughout our lives we will all have to continually “Killing Your Zombies.” It is our “zombies” that we must kill over and over again in our lives that actually become our most powerful platform to share the power of God.  For me, that is depression and isolating tendencies.  When things get challenging or feel uncomfortable, I surrender to these patterns and shy away from the voice of God, from others, and avoid the action that I actually do desire to take.

The solution to killing this zombie as many times as it takes is to go back to basics and rekindle my passion for Jesus.  How does one do that, though?  Here are a few questions that I have asked myself to help me cast off this zombie and send it back to it’s grave yet again.

1)   Personal Passion

Is my passion for Jesus fed by me or by the actions of others?  

Or another way to put it...

Is this a counterfeit passion, copied from the actions of someone else?

2)   Purposed Passion

Is this passion helping me to grow closer to God or fall further from Him?

3)   Multiplying Passion

Do I use my passion to help draw others into relationship with Jesus or does it stop with me?


As I ask myself these questions I see through the emotional mess and the truth that my passion is a choice.  I may have to choose it again every day, every hour, every minute, but in choosing I free myself from the grip of the accuser.

[mk_blockquote style="line-style" font_family="none" text_size="18" align="center"]For God has not given me (or you) a spirit of fear but one of power, love and a sound mind. -2 Timothy 1:7[/mk_blockquote]

Yes, we are to live out our best lives, but that actually can NOT be done apart from helping others do the same.  Best, in this life, does not equate perfection.  Best is living in submission and trusting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with our whole heart; this is a daily choice we all must make to submit and trust.  It sure is not an easy thing but the freedom, peace, joy, love, faith and hope that comes along with that choice make it more than worthwhile.

Live a life that is full of a fire-like passion.  Then, watch how you become a 24/7 testimony to the goodness of God.  Others are watching. What kind of passion do they see?