Perpetual Party

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]T[/mk_dropcaps]ime is a slippery thing.  It can go fast and slow all at once. Even with this precarious movement it is our most precious commodity.   We want it to slow down and when it does we feel the need to “kill it.” The thing is time is precisely what it is.  It does not change.  It is our perspective of it, respect for it, and ability to keep in pace with it that changes.  We require it for healing, recovery, growth, fresh starts, and maturing. Our very being in all its systems flows to a rhythm of time.  It brings with it new life and death, the changing of seasons and so on. [mk_blockquote style="line-style" font_family="none" text_size="16" align="center"]Visioneering is a means to budget the time we have been given in a way that invests this precious resource the best way for our unique journey and destiny.[/mk_blockquote]

When you have clear vision you can gain the most significance from every moment you are blessed with. When you have a healthy perspective and respect for the fleeting nature of time it will cause you to prioritize where you spend it.  Time can become like a conveyor belt of action and achievement when your focus is only on the doing not the why that is driving the action.   Movement and productivity are not the same thing.  You can have activity and not productivity. Activity is not the wisest way to spend our most precious resource, time.  Doing so is like the frivolous spending of a teenager with mom and dad’s credit card.  There is no deeper understanding of the value it carries or the cost of spending it without wisdom.

If you are focused on achievement and not on slowing down to celebrate even the small wins you can become so depleted you have nothing left to give.  You have no margin in which to draw from (like a savings and investment account) when things get rough.

When I read through the Bible and look at the model of Jesus’ life, it was not all work and no play.  Think of how many parables Jesus shares with his disciples around a meal? A dinner party with your closest friends.  That sounds like fun to me!  Picture him there at a dinner table hanging with his friends taking out time from all his miracles signs and wonders to connect with his closest friends and share stories. I am sure they celebrated the goodness of God and all that was accomplished in those moments.

We too should carve out the appropriate time in order to keep a healthy appreciation for time and the victories we have. No matter how small they may be.

Look to the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42. Martha is caught up in all the doing.  While it is for good reason.  She is hosting the son of God afterall! Yet in her motion she misses out on the meaning of the moment.  Taking time to be with Jesus!  Sounds so simple and easy when you look at this story as the reader versus from the perspective of Martha.  The daily list of to do’s we have is like fog covering over the victories and precious moments of the day.  We each have been the given the power to chose to enjoy those rare and precious moments or to have them slip on by without ringing them dry for every moment we can grasp.

It is my prayer for you and me to discern when these treasured moments arise so we can stop and appreciate their value.  Celebrate them, give thanks to the God who gave them, and then share the victories with others to give God glory . I call this living in a place where you are in the perpetual party. There is no magic to doing this, only the capacity to be aware and claim your power to choose.  For those of you who are checklist people and love to accomplish things do not worry (I am with you in that).  This does not mean we neglect all our responsibilities and only ever party. It means when you are in a moment where the very presence of God is in front of you that you choose to relish every bit of it and celebrate the goodness of God.  That deserves a party all day every day!