Pillars of Health

[mk_blockquote style="line-style" font_family="none" text_size="16" align="center"]Nutrition- Exercise- Supplements- Sleep - Stress Management[/mk_blockquote]

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]T[/mk_dropcaps]hese are the top 5 areas to develop healthy habits.  The best picture I can give you is the underside of a bridge.  Each pillar that exists has been expertly and meticulously placed in order to withstand the weight and use of the bridge.  Each of us are much like that bridge, our ability to serve others (be used) and be at our best relies on the integrity of those pillars. Yet, how many of us neglect maintenance to one or more of these pillars consistently?  We think we can ignore or seldom check upon them and their strength will remain. How things have been is how they will be right? 

While  in the crazy pace of life I wish this was true simply for convenience, it is NOT.  Our health is something that must be cultivated daily.  While there is far too much to go into with each pillar on how and what to do to keep it strong and healthy.  Today we will focus on the role each plays in our lives. 

  1. Nutrition-  This is our fuel.  It is not just the amount of fuel you get in a day, but the quality of the fuel that determines the performance.  It is no less true for us than for a high priced car.  Afterall, we are a divinely made piece of machinery.  The fuel should reflect a respect for that truth. This is the one pillar that can strengthen all the impact of all the rest.  
  2. Exercise-  We are built to take dominion.  That doesn't sound passive to me.  While the state of abundance many of us live in no longer requires we hunt or do the heavy labor to harvest food, we are still built for movement.  I'd say this one most profoundly impacts the clarity and peace of our soul.  If we are strong physically, our endurance allows us to serve at a much higher level. 
  3. Supplements- These are a tool to amplify.  While not a replacement by any stretch for a healthy diet, high quality well studied supplements are incredibly beneficial for us in such a face paced world.  It is that pace of production that has left much of our produce significantly deficient of nutrients compared to just 30 years ago.  But buyer beware!  Not all supplements are equal.
  4. Sleep - This pillar has the role of recharging.  It is like the power cord to our cpu.  When we sleep we sort and store memories, our body recovers from the stressors of the day, and our willpower is reset.  You can not replace the value of sleep with any kind of stimulant.  They do not have the capacity to recharge our entire system. 
  5. Stress management-  This pillar I like to think of as the shield.  When we have habits and  coping mechanisms in place to act as a barrier to the negative influences of stress we are able to keep momentum even in the face of the storm.  Personally, my key form of stress management is prayer and meditation on the word of God.  Jesus is the prince of peace, and there is no place I'd rather be than in the presence of the one who can calm the storm.  If you don't share the same faith you do need something!  Dr. Caroline Leaf in her book "Switch on Your Brain" states  research that 75% of all diseases come from the state of our thinking.  Stressful situations stimulate stressful thinking and are toxic to our bodies.  If not prayer, then find something to reroute your thinking back to health.

In the coming weeks I’ll dig in a bit further into the habits that reinforce these key pillars.  I will share what works for me, but would love to hear what works for you.  Mastering whole health requires you implement habits in all these areas by making small changes in your current habits. Imagine if with all the personalities out there we shared our keys to help our friend next door.  We would all improve. Because it is true...                                                                

We are better together!