Plain & Clear

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Then the Lord answered me and said,

“Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry. - Habakkuk 2:2-3[/mk_blockquote]

Now that fasting has cleared out the junk of the past, reset our soul and clarified our vision now what?  Visioneering is not one moment of conception of a great future, but the rhythmic breath of a vision coming to maturity. In the message translation of the bible it describes the appointed time as “a future time.”  That means there is a gap in having a vision and it going from the picture to the actualization of it into reality. I don’t know about you but verse 3 of this scripture is confusing.  The vision will come, it will tarry and not tarry.  Which is it?  Will it or wont it?  The key here is understanding that we operate both in the kingdom of heaven and in the kingdom of earth.  Having a vision is seeing a picture from heaven of what our lives are to be from God’s perspective and by his design.  To draw that vision down from heaven to earth takes a willingness to embrace the routine and pattern of discipline.

One of the best ways to grasp the miracle in the mundane of our daily patterns is by having our vision written out. It takes the vision down from the realm of our dreams and makes it more tangible.  As this scripture highlights when the vision is written down you are free to press on ahead with it unhindered by confusion.  Read the verses again and picture an athlete who is carrying a baton.  The athlete is you and I, the baton is our vision.  Any time we grow tired we can look down to the baton and see the vision inscribed clearly. This image works so well because we are to pursue our vision passionately.  We were built to work, to run.  As the standard pattern set out for Adam in Genesis we are to “tend and keep, and be fruitful and multiply.”  Our purpose here on earth requires labor.

With our culture being so obsessed with the next best thing, or next best accomplishment, it is easy to forget that it is in the journey we are built into the best version of ourselves. Like an athlete needs both repetitions and resistance to hone their skills, we need repetition and resistance to hone our character to a place where we can walk into our vision.

The one resounding difference to how the kingdom operates in vision and how the world does is, in one word is “plain.”  Our vision is to be plainPlain is defined as easy to perceive or understand, clear.  When we can get crystal clear with our vision there is no questioning when it has been realized.  This makes glaringly obvious to an outside world when the Lord has blessed us. Personally, for us we can see just how much God exceeds our expectations and give all the praise back to Him.

Having a crystal clear vision is deceptively difficult in this generation. We think it is like a new car, the more complex, the more bells and whistles the better the vision.  A God vision will be BIG.  So big in fact it will intimidate us at least enough to know we cannot do it in our own strength. Yet the vision should not be so obsessed with the minute details that we begin to box in and restrict the power of God.

Our vision is like both the destination and the fuel to get there. God has given us the equipment (the car) to drive along that path.  The question is will we follow the path He sets before us no matter what turns and twists it takes us through?  It is time to go ALL IN on your journey. Run your race passionately, but before you start  be sure you have your vision inscribed baton in hand.