Power of Partnership

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]N[/mk_dropcaps]ow that we have dug down deep and defeated our inner opponent last month, we have labored to clarify and become a Visioneer in January, now is the time to lock arms with the partners God has put beside you.  This month we are going to address the value, the hindrances, and the keys to having the best relationships with those God has placed beside us.  These are your “power” partners, as they are referred to in any networking environment.  In everyday life besides business partners, you will have your partner for life (this would be your spouse), and your closest friends who are your partners in life drawing our your best and you the best in them.  All serve very important roles in your life.  In various ways they shape not only how you experience the world around you, but also the direction you are heading. It is a dangerous thing to take partnership lightly or to do so without thought or a focused intention.  I am not saying every relationship has a manipulative intention, but every relationship does have a purpose. I think we get caught in a trap if we think we should not have any deep and meaningful relationships without recognizing their purpose.  The better question to ask is actually “Is this relationship and it's purpose mutually beneficial?”

The healthiest of relationships and partnerships are between two people who see the relationship as a win-win not a win-lose.  To put it another way as long as the relationship is anchored in an abundance mindset, versus a scarcity mindset both parties will thrive. That is how God designed us.

Ok I realize it may not make sense why I am bringing up abundance when talking about relationships but read on I think you will see how vital it is. Abundance is when there is more than enough to go around.  In the context of relationship that means there is more than enough love you have to invest into someone.  The more you give to one does not deplete what you have to give to another.  Love is on an unlimited supply.  How?  Because its source is found in the creator of the universe.  He is by nature limitless.  And as it says in scripture in 1 John 4:8

[mk_blockquote style="line-style" font_family="none" text_size="16" align="center"]But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love. (NLT, emphasis added)[/mk_blockquote]

That means love, the backbone of partnership, when sourced by God is never ending.  Even in our flaws, when a relationship/partnership is formed in Christ it is an abundant relationship.  Both parties win and always will win. These kind of partnerships activate and awaken the very best in us because they are nurturing.  They are not draining or devaluing.  This kind of relationship is also not co-dependent because the source of the love and encouragement does not begin in the other person, but they are a tangible expression of the love from the God of Love Himself.

The most powerful partnerships we have are those rooted in an abundant love.  This is where we can actually sharpen each other because there is mutual trust, respect and honor.  The friction created when correction comes is received openly because the underlying intent is understood to be good.  Even if delivery is not ideal (after all we are human and emotions can run away from us) we still take to heart and process what truth is revealed.

As we dig into what abundant power partnerships look like this month the foundation is set in an environment of an abundance mindset.   It is only in this paradigm of thinking that we can fully perceive and appreciate relationships in their most healthy expression.  To better understand this, next up we will address what relationships look like when you operate in a scarcity mindset.

. You have to check your scarcity mindset at the door and pick up abundance.  It is a lot to handle, but thank the Lord His hands are bigger than ours and we and our relationships rest in His care. Get ready, God has only the most beneficial, significant, joyful and healthy relationships  for you.   We are all better together, lets become more so we can give more abundantly together.