Silence is Golden

Sometimes God is silent. What then?  God says in His word that he will “never leave us nor forsake us.”  He cannot lie.  The silence is not a bad thing.  It may be that God is bringing about His perfect timing.  Perhaps He has given you a word and you have stepped out in faith and now in the process there is silence.  Does that mean you’re not doing the right thing? In Faith by Dr. Phil Pringle he writes:

[mk_blockquote style="line-style" font_family="none" text_size="16" align="center"]Should we happen to stray off the track, Isaiah says that we will hear a voice behind us saying ‘ this is the way, walk ye in it.’ (Isaiah 30:21)  This enables us to be unconcerned if we are not hearing daily ‘words from God’ for guidance.  In fact, this can be interpreted positively. His silence can easily mean that you are on the right track.  He has no need to talk to you or correct you.[/mk_blockquote]

God does not go back on His word.  That sure is a relief!  He does not need reassurance but, for our benefit, desires worship.  We must trust, not test, God.  Craving reassurance is, in essence, testing Him and saying, “Hey, I know you said it once, but can you reassure me that it was you who said it?”  Where is the faith and obedience in that? (A quick note here though, testing God and testing if a word is from God are two different things.  To be clear I am referring to the former here.)

If we are testing God, the question then becomes where you stand with who you see God to be?  If you don’t know Him as a loving father, you’ll find it difficult to walk in faith and believe in His character, much less hear Him and then boldly walk it out and endure the stretch of silence.  If that is where you are then its time for a heart check up.  You can do it yourself by asking two simple questions:

Where is your belief anchored? Is it in God?


Do you trust that God has equipped you to accomplish your life’s purpose?

The second question is where I found my faulty operation system.  My thoughts of who I am and what my future will be have often been a rapid ping-pong of faith and doubt.  So much so, it would give anyone whiplash.  Once I realized this, the battle was on to think about what I was thinking about.  The roadblock that followed was my desire for constant reassurance that my thinking was right on track.  In reading the above excerpt from Faith just a week ago I got freed up to see that I was in fact on the right track.  God’s silence can sometimes be a simple test of faith.  He will correct you when necessary.  Isaiah 30:21 promises it.  Until then, keep going!  God best corrects a moving vessel, not one that is frozen in a desire for reassurance.  You are on the right track and God is with you.