Slingshot Effect

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]S[/mk_dropcaps]hortly after my first experience of deliverance, I realized how disorienting freedom can be.  What I was not prepared to deal with was the truth that once you are set free, you can no longer go back to the lifestyle that held you bound.  You cannot continue living as a slave and expect to remain free.  To operate in the freedom I’d obtained meant that I had to change some things.  The space created from no longer having soul ties, breaking off generational curses, and renouncing inner vows had to be filled.  But filled with what? The common response I received when I asked this question was to fill it with God’s word.  For me, speaking out scriptures grounded my identity in Christ.  Isaiah 61:1-3 was and still is a scripture that I refer back to when I lose sight of God’s vision for me.  Yes, scripture carries a great weight, especially when it speaks specifically to the areas in which you have been set free but still there was a piece missing, an encounter with God to experience the power and truth of my freedom.  I needed to reckon my past as being completely dead.  As it says in Romans 6:11,

"Likewise you also, reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord."

My spirit craved the experience of the truth that those He sets free are free indeed (John 8:36).  What I need was to experience inner healing to see my past from the perspective that God holds of me.  That meant going back to the memories where the deep insecurity, fear, and feelings of abandonment began.  I think of this as a “slingshot” moment.  You are drawn back to face the past in focused prayer with two others where you get to see it from God’s perspective.  As you press in, you are able to fully reckon the past as dead.

This process is not brainwashing or erasing the past, rather it is a change of view of a moment in time.  Think about how your perception of situations change just by changing your position.  Think of any story where the same event radically changes when you see from more than one angle or perspective.  The interpretation of the events can go from incredibly negative to well-intentioned.  There are so many layers to our actions that we can forget all the parts at play.  With God, you will see how He used that very moment of pain and turned it around for your good.  When you seek Him for inner healing, you will understand.

I bring this up today to help free you from your past.  If there is a moment in time that you continue to play in the track of your mind, I want to ask you the question:

[mk_blockquote style="line-style" font_family="none" text_size="16" align="center"]“How long will you let this hold you back from your future?”[/mk_blockquote]

By continuing to hold on and look at the past, you are missing out on the fullness of God.  Our past is what has formed us to this point, but in God we are a completely new creation.  What may have once been a pattern of sin or a stronghold in your life does not have to remain as such.  All it takes is a little faith matched with trust to give God full access to what is holding you.

My friend, if you’ve had a traumatic experience in your past that you have yet to allow God into, please go no further until you press in for inner healing.  Your destiny, your unique assignment, and the fullness of God is waiting for each one of you.  Do not let the past consume any more of your strength and creativity.  The buck stops here!  You cannot only be set free in this moment, but the very event can be “re-done” in essence to move you forward in all your strength.  This is not just “letting it go” but rather it is reckoning the old as dead so you can put on the NEW and walk completely in all that God has for you.  The best is ahead.  Let us not hold on any longer to the weight of the past.  It only drains our energy.  We need that for the journey ahead.  The past is done.  We cannot go back.  But God can, does and will redeem all that has been lost.  He will bring it all back into fulfillment for us today and forever forward.

Crazy, I know, but our God really is that good and powerful!  He set me free from depression, from fear of intimacy and abandonment.  Yes, I still have moments where I feel fear, but it no longer has a hold on me like it used to.  I am continuing to learn how to see fear as an indicator of an area that needs the presence of the Lord to bring resolution.  Yet, now that I have been set free, I refuse to allow fear to dictate my decisions.  The Lord is THE ONLY ONE that sits on the throne of my life.  In His presence, fear is banished.

Inner healing is simply the willingness to be vulnerable before the Lord.  It is allowing Him to show you where in your life your view has become misaligned to His design.  The next step is walking with Him as He shows you the truth and you encounter His presence.  There is more for each of us in the Lord!

More Freedom.

More Love.

More Power.