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Making Friends with Mess

2019 is here.  Now what? I love all the potential that a New Year promises, but if I’m going to be transparent it can feel overwhelming as well.  There are so many options and opportunities that await in this year. To think of all of them can leave you feeling exhausted even before you begin.  With that in mind this month we are going to explore what it means to “make friends with mess.” What do I mean by that? …

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Heart Condition

I don’t know about you but Dec 26th always has the feeling of being a bit flat.  Not that the day is ever bad, but there is so much anticipation and excitement that goes into preparing for Christmas that the day after feels just like an average day in contrast.  Don’t get me wrong, any day I have breath, my health and family around me is great, but you have to admit the day doesn’t carry the same energy as Christmas….

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