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Yielding to Life

Over the  course of my pregnancy, I’ve faced on a recurring basis having to address the feeling that my life is “on hold.”  Not literally, in the sense that I’ve still be working and doing a bunch to prepare for the arrival of our baby girl.  However, when it comes to dreaming, taking time to plan for the future etc there has been looming in my mind a big hanging “?”  This is because I don’t know what my life will look like as a parent. I don’t yet know what will shift inside me once our daughter arrives.  Maybe it will be drastic, maybe it will be subtle, but I know what my future holds will be redefined as it will now include her in the picture.

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Proper Positioning

At the time of writing this I’m 32 weeks pregnant.  I’m within the last two months of pregnancy, which to be honest has been both slow and fast at the same time.  Slow during the months of morning sickness, fast in the scheme of things and looking up realizing that this is such a sweet time of my husband and I just being a couple before we become a family….  

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Morning Sickness

This month I am in the third trimester of my pregnancy.  This is my first baby so the whole experience is new territory for me.  In reflecting on the journey so far I have learned a lot about how I handle the “journey” of life and recently had the revelation of how much the experience of pregnancy is an allegory for living out our life’s purpose.  Whether or not you’re pregnant, male or female, I think these lessons are applicable to what it means to endeavor to reach the fulfillment of your dreams and purpose. The backdrop image will be that of pregnancy, but you could easily replace the child in these posts with whatever your dream/ purpose is. …

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