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Nourishing Your Life

Last week in “Walking the Line: Finding Your Fitness Focus” I talked about how this month we are focusing on how to journey the path from where we are today to where we want to be in the future.  Or in other words, what it means to fulfill our goals specifically in the key areas that impact our health. Have a read to get caught up to speed as I’m picking up where we left off…..

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Thankful 5- Health Resources

It has been fun for me to share with you some of my favorite tools and tricks for sustaining a healthy lifestyle.  To wrap up this month of gratitude, and especially as we head into December which without a doubt will be gone in a flash, these resources are all great support for those with a full plate of life. Regardless of your personality style,…

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Thankful 5- Nutrition Products

This month I’m going to share with you my personal top 5’s that I’m thankful for in the various areas of health.  Hopefully some of my recommendations will be helpful to you and you will find some of your own new favorites. I’d love to hear what things you love in these areas as well, so be sure to comment as well.

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