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Paying the Price

The journey of growing into our potential has some necessary, but challenging collateral damage.  It isn’t talked about nearly as much as I think it should, mostly because we like to sugar coat the process to living a big and victorious life.  It isn’t all sugar cookies with glitter sprinkles, rainbows and sunshine. The mess we have to befriend with the process still comes with a price.  It’s gritty and there is a price that must be paid. Better to accept it and be prepared to face it then to be blindsided right? Granted, we don’t know the price in detail upfront, being aware that all advancement comes at a cost helps us guard and prepare our hearts to have the grit needed to see the journey through to completion

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Growing in the Right Direction

On the journey to Making Friends with the Mess , the best place to start is to know what it looks like to be on the path of growth.  Growth is messy and disorienting. But as we know all things that are healthy grow, so we need to make peace with our friend mess.  Not because our lives are to be chaotic, but in fact quite the opposite. Messes arise for us to face them head on, and find the root cause so we can heal to it. That way our lives aren’t perfect, but whole. ..

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