The Gap

How often do we get frustrated with the process of achieving a goal or dream? Have you ever experienced that moment where you’re praying, maybe in the shower (I most often hear that still small voice there), or even just going about your day when you feel God speak to you so clearly it is almost as if it was audible? If you aren’t sure, take this to be that pivotal moment when you felt you were to do something and you didn’t know where or why the thought just came to you.  That something is a dream, a portion of the destiny God has for you.  I believe it is safe to say we all have had moments like this.  What I want to talk about today is what do we do in the gap from this moment to it becoming reality?

We want it now! If we are single we want our spouse right now.  If we are on the job hunt we want the new job right now.  Maybe we’ve been working toward that promotion, surely it is going to happen any day now?   Whatever it is you’ve been focusing on and working toward I wanted to spend this Valentine’s Day sending you some love of the “tough” variety.  I have been wrestling with this myself for the last two weeks and know it is a word in season God has spoken to my heart and I believe to yours as well.

Our culture has given us so much at the click of a button:  instant coffee, instant breakfast, instant gratification is all around.  The delay is growing increasingly difficult when we have to deal with the aspects of life that require a slow and steady progression; Like our fitness, managing our finances, relationships etc..  However, it is in the gap between promise given and promise fulfilled that God is doing three things:

-Refining our character

- Building up our Resilience to the daily frustrations/ battles

- And developing a stronger Reliance on HIM.

Shift your perspective of the delay not as a burden but rather a building up of your character. Let what challenges you face today be the training ground to build up you resilience, reliance, and refine you even more in to the beautifully unique and strong person He made you to be.

The delay isn’t a punishment, but rather a progression.  God wants to bless us but even more than that He wants us to be blessed to be a blessing.  If he dumped on us all at once what great things he had in store for us it would crush us. If we surrender to His will and way we will build up a character that is mature and developed far beyond what any instant gratification could ever build.

I am not going to lie.  I wish it wasn’t this way, especially once I think I’ve waited long enough.  But “enough” in our eyes is very different from “enough” in God’s.  He knows things outside of the boundaries time, and knows our hearts on the most intimate level.  I trust His perfect timing over mine.  So until that perfect timing I’m going to choose to build myself up in this moment, embracing the beauty that it provides to my life.  It is a choice, but well worth the obedience.  I will patiently trust in my heavenly father holding firm to the truth that what He began in me He is faithful to complete.

He is and will do the same for you!  You are loved just as you are.  But our God also loves you enough not to leave you that way!  Now your part to play simply is  to be willingly and obedient to the process. Take the leap and cross the gap!