Why did I start "Mastering Meal Planning?"

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]I[/mk_dropcaps]f you follow me at all on social media you’ve likely seen me post about the meal planning program named “Mastering Meal Planning.”  I gave it a simple name, because this program is all about keeping things simple and intentional.  I have loved cooking from when I can remember.  Where I grew up we had an apple tree in our backyard and every August/ September when the apples would be ripe my mom, sisters, and I would go out and pick a dozen or so to make apple pie.  My love for cooking came from watching my mom cook.  She was all about us having more home cooked meals around the dinner table, than ordering out or eating in front of the TV. As I’ve gotten older and been in the health and fitness space for over 11 years professionally I’m amazed how few people actually know the basics of cooking (beyond just how to warm food up).  We can so easily get caught up in seeking food that is first convenient, then tastes good, and maybe or maybe not has some nutritional value. I went through a phase when I was a professional reheater as stress mounted, I was single, and food became a means to numb pain instead of be healthy fuel.

During the early part of this year I felt the nudge to start something new.  At first I started with a group workout program focusing on helping people to see how integrated their health is.  It isn’t only physical it is mentally and spiritually as well.  That didn’t go so well, and I realized one of the best places to go isn’t the workouts (while important), but more impact can be made when what you put in your body is changed.

Why I started this program is I see such a need for people to repair their relationship with food back to one where they see it as fuel for your health.  Think about it.  The behaviors you have around food can either be incredibly helpful and support you making and sustaining healthy habits.  Or they can be dysfunctional as there is a tendency for us to become addicted to our food.  It stirs up emotions in a very unique way.  A favorite meal can trigger an emotional response and bring back feelings of warmth, comfort and satisfaction.  Yet when repeated over and over that favorite meal if unhealthy will become a burden instead of a trigger for joy.  

If you can related to my experience with food where it became far more about convenience, price, and speed I made this program for busy people like you.  The program I’ve put together is one that I believe will both teach you some simple and practical tips, but also encourage you to keep taking the small steps toward laying and keeping a foundation of health in your life. It is all centered around the habits you establish around food.  

Mastering meal planning is for those intimidated by the kitchen and frustrated with their health who want to know a simple and sustainable way to meal plan.  And HEY the food tastes great and is healthy! #winning!