Tug of War

I can’t seem to adequately convey what is inside.  There is an unsettling tug on my heart.  I don’t know how to name it.  Perhaps it is not a thing but a who.  Will I obey its lies any longer?  This thing called flesh, the force of emotions, the memory of sin.  Yet, I cannot bend.  I refuse to surrender.  For I have The One.  The great I AM.  He needs no definition for He is the word made flesh.  He is life, love, creation.  There is no limit in Him.  Time. Death. Sin.  All cannot be contained in His power, for He is the creator of all.  It is from this mold in which I am made.

So why do I doubt?  There is a battle.  This side of heaven we war on.  We are ambassadors in a fallen world bringing salt and light to those around us.  But if we do not acknowledge, embrace and receive this truth our lives themselves become irrelevant.

Again today, as with every day, I must remember to pick up His promise.  For it is a truth that is unchanging.  Even above all circumstances I have, am and will fill face.  He is my savior. He is my lord.  This Passion is a clear reminder of His sovereignty.  He came.  He healed. He taught. He loved. He died. He conquered death.  He is seated.  He is our heavenly advocate. He is Jesus.

As scripture says, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31)