[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]U[/mk_dropcaps]nleash from the failures of the past. [mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]N[/mk_dropcaps]urture the dreams that have laid dormant and ignored.

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]R[/mk_dropcaps]esolve to step out embracing progress not perfection.

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]E[/mk_dropcaps]xpect victory regardless of your feelings and circumstances.

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]S[/mk_dropcaps]urrender all fear, doubt and worry at the foot of the cross.

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]O[/mk_dropcaps]bey the voice of God over the voices around you.

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]L[/mk_dropcaps]ook up to see the face of the one who created you in His image.

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]U[/mk_dropcaps]nwrap your gifts and talents putting to work what was bought at a price.

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]T[/mk_dropcaps]ake every thought captive so you hold fast to the good, and the bad can not hold you.

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]I[/mk_dropcaps]ntentionally influence any environment you enter, rather than be influenced by it.

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]O[/mk_dropcaps]bserve the power of God moving through every weakness bringing glory to Him.

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]N[/mk_dropcaps]ever stop pursuing the one without whom our soul is satisfied.


This month we shift our focus from being present and take it to the next step, diving in and discovering what lays ahead in 2015. Unresolution is about seeking the will of God in your life not the resolutions of accomplishment from the spirit of ambition. The problem with resolutions often is there is no plan of solution attached to them. Maybe instead you set goals for the year.  Goals are great.  I am a product of clearly writing and establishing many goals.  But do you know what the ultimate destination is of the path your goals are taking you on?  This month as a community let us seek the central focus God has for each of us in this next year.  Not our own ambition and agenda, but that of your creator.  It is a simple idea.  Our God operates in the simple. Like with Peter when he walked on water it was only one word that got him to step out of the boat. “Come.”

For some great wisdom and guidance on this read the short book “One word that will change your life.” By Dan Gordon, Dan Britton & Jimmy Page. Along with this book, I will discuss further how to seek out and carry out your word for the year. To begin digging in now be thinking and praying on this:

Lord, what is my one word of focus that you have to guide me as I step out of my boat in 2015?