Willing AND Waiting

[mk_dropcaps style="fancy-style"]R[/mk_dropcaps]eading the devotional book Draw the Circle today I came across this one line. "I am willing and waiting." When it comes to dreams, our human nature is to conceive them and then quickly expect to receive them. But for things to be healthy and to be done in proper order, often there is lag time in the conception of a dream and goal and it coming to reality. Look at the process of first meeting someone to then marrying them, the process to bring a child into this world and really anything of true value. What we battle with, then, is how do you get through the lag time with joy for the journey? Habbakuk 2:2 says

[mk_blockquote style= "line-style" font_family="none" text_size="16" align="center"]Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.[/mk_blockquote]

Once you have the revelation (God-given dream), you must write it down, clearly and simply, so you can run forward with it. Yet in a culture where things are instantaneous the delay of running no longer is second nature. Discouragement can come in, instantaneously robbing us of our focus, joy and perseverance and we simply stop running.

Writing down a vision and making it plain is what becomes our anchor of focus in a life with ever-increasing distractions and chaos. The more I see a vision of my future, it seems, the more distractions increase as well. Having this vision clearly written acts as the boundary lines to the road I get to travel on. A couple weeks ago, while I was on a plane in that pseudo sleep right before deep sleep, the image of a very simple and plain tunnel with excruciatingly bright lights and colors at the end was vividly placed in my mind. God showed me that in the running we have to be willing and wanting to enter “the tunnel” of transformation to realize the God-dreams we have.

My initial reaction to this image, even with the sense in my heart it was from God, actually was a bit apprehensive. To be honest I haven’t ever liked going through tunnels. They are dark, boring and confining; and yes maybe at a young age I was a bit scared by them. But the beauty of tunnels is that you can travel much faster through specific terrain because you go under it to get through it. You can go directly from point A to point B instead of around it. While I’m more familiar with the definition of a tunnel meaning to dig or force a passage through something, when I looked to scripture for images of tunnels I came across Job 28:11 where tunnels are described as where you go to find beautiful gems. There is purpose in the “lag time” and why we must be both willing to enter the tunnel and patient enough to wait through the journey. It is in the depths that the treasures of this life are often revealed and can be brought to light.

I believe God desires to challenge, both you and I, to check our hearts to see if we truly are willing AND waiting for our destiny. Will we trust Him, even if He is taking us through a tunnel? The outcome is certain.  God himself is with us the whole way. We will come up on the other side of our obstacle but this time carrying the gems that were unearthed in the journey below. And we then enter into the land He promised us, which is sustained by His gracious hand.

Now you may be like me and the concept of entering a tunnel still makes you a bit anxious regardless of knowing why you’re in it and where it is taking you. It is ok to feel that way, you’re removed from what you are comfortable with and in a place that feels confining. But since you know why (your God vision made plain), and that you don’t go it alone (the Lord is with you) then run on ahead through the tunnel with courage.

Since this forum is a place where you are encouraged to be transparent and vulnerable for the sake of growing in God, I’m going to share what those things are for me. I do this so you can feel free to share with the trusted, Godly council in your life whatever those God-dreams are for you. A note to the wise: Be sure to share with the ones that you know no matter what, they will encourage you and keep you accountable to that dream God has set before you.

Here is what lies on the tablets of my heart in this season:

  • Finding and beginning the journey with the man who will become my husband.
  • Breakthrough in business, where I not only encourage but equip and empower those, I lead, to attain their freedom. And for them to turn around to help bring that same freedom to countless others that I will never be able to reach.

What dream have you left dormant out of fear of going through the tunnel?

Write it down. Share it. Pray. Go.

Then I will see you on the other side!